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cheers to the times

im really super touched.
really got tears in my eyes alrdy.
u ass.
no matter wad.
yea, its always friends forever.

she did a web for me.
but i duno how to put it up.
i wanna show the whole world ive got this lovely friend.
no not friend. much more then just a friend.

ok, these are the words inside the web.

Wong See Mun!!


 Are my fashion consultant and my very good buddy. =)
Teach me a lot of things about lives and how cruel reality is.
Always be there for me when I need help.
Are a crappy, horny, and spontaneous girl.
A very good party planner.
Always planning what to do during the holidays and this keep our groups of friends to bon well together.
Brighten and liven up my boring school days.
Talk the most sensible things among our friends. Advise me to do the right stuffs.
Had grown prettier, mature, richer, and have those Tai Tai thinking already. LOLS

Although u somehow has change, be it in thinking or character, it doesn’t really affect our friendships huh? Some of our interest or thinking might no longer be the same, but we are and can still remain as buddy till the days we grow old ok! Hahas.

When our interests or thinking are not the same, we can teach or exchange ideals with each other then we got to learnt or experience new stuffs. So it’s a win – win situation. Who says we will drift off further and further. Hahahas. Oh ya, when I have kids, I wan you and CX to be their god-mother. So my kids will very fortunate. As they have two rich and caring god-mother. Wahaha. =P

Alright, stop spotting all my grammars or vocabulary mistakes, its very difficult for me to write such a fluent essay. So, YOU MUST BE HOURNOR that I wrote a more than 200 words essay for you.

Ok, I know its lame, let the pictures do the talking then. Miss u so much babe.

Happy 18th Birthday!!

p.s Don’t you dare forget mine! *23/12/1989* Lim Yan Ting Birthday. Your very good friend. LOLS.

Love you to bits!

many visuals, and bkgrd music is the graduation song.
go picture.
i love u yt.
and joel, shihui, sj, cx. you guys are the pillars of my life.
no worries i haven forget about my speech.
i’ll make sure its super good.
i love you. thanks god for granting me them.

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