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wouldn it be nice if the world is cadbury

havent been blogging for the past few days. 6 to be exact.
cause i think life is really bland nowadays.
theres fun laughters activities happenings, but theres nthing really happening happening. if u know what i mean.
im really starting to dread sch.
dont ask me y, but i just think sch doesn really appeal to me, nthing for me to look forward too.
this is really sick man.

the only thing im looking forward to in life nowadays just hockey payday and birthday.
kinda sad.

and i think humans are really irritating bunch of asses.
i really dont know how the relationship between people works.
its getting more and more complicated each day.
if theres a formula for it, i think it’ll be fucking long.
maybe something like
2976230xxyz(cosine987xy)/872z^2+288887sin/tan^765(2676xy2ab)-3976276a^354b………. blah blah blah.
i miss those day where things are so simple.
i’ll be your friend and acc you to the toilet if u gimme a sweet and we will be bff.
its like 1 + 1 = 2
one sweet plus one friend equals you’re my best pal.
y huhhhhhhhhhh. life is so irritating. or maybe its just me and my prob. blah! whatever!!!!!!
i think i kinda lost myself along the way.

but thennnnn.
i really really love some peeps to the max.
you guys know who you are. (hahahahha! this is soooo convenient.)

saw many things i like in arabstreet/hajilane(i so love tt place! like totally. i love to shop in this kinda places. really really my kinda thing)
and the thing tt i wanted most is to open a 2 storey concept shop like those over there.
its really really cool. 3k per mnth for rent. im gunna sell many many cool stuffs i like(cause i got good taste and peeps will like wad i like=p) and other then selling stuff i’ll provide services too(tt i haven really figure)
now finally i have a goal, i think i will start saving.
when i’ll start?… hmm. soon.
this is sick man.
i should really stop spending.

ok, last words: im gunna learn driving. any takers?!
I LOVE YOU MUMMY(though u forgot to help me wash my fbts today)

tts all.

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