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and my belly button says ouch!

im determined to get a navel piercing on my 18th birthday.

but im freaking scareeeeeeeeeeedddddd!!!!
the last time ive gotten my ear pierced was like ages ago, pri 2 or 3 or somewhere around there, and it wasnt a pleasant memory.
and like all things ive done, it was on impulse. i told my mum i wanna get it, and viola, couple days later im sitting on the fucking chair with the staple thing on my ears and half of me regretting it while the other half thinking tt im gunna be so much prettier after im done(which din came true, darn it).
and then, i cried like crazy, while one of my friend which is like 3 yrs younger then me happily skip out of the room saying it doesn hurt at all, making me look and feel so darn loserish.

actually im contemplating between getting a tattoo or a piercing.
tattoo = needles poking u over and over again many many times. PAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
tattoo = ive gotta fuss over wad design i want and might get sick of it and might regret and its much more troublesome to remove and also more more MOREEEEEEEEEEE PAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.
so tattoo = major ouch! and tts a nono to me.
well, at least for now.(maybe 21st birthday)
so yeap, its gunna hurt getting the piercing too(dont tell me it wont you liars!), not as much as tattoo though(i think), and ive always wanted it(just tt ive got no guts to do it in the past)

ok, im damn excited now. but i know i’ll scold myself when im actually gunna do it.
i’ll cry when needles poke me. loser i know. but i cant help it. so shhhhessssh.

anyone wanna get a navel piercing toooooo?

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