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pesky little thing

i know im ugly.
but you are just as bad.
im ugly physically and sadly for u you are rotten in the inside.
you are nthing but a bimbo who put tons of powder on your face.
no wait.
you are brainless but not a bimbo.
cause u look worst then me without your make up.
you have no right to judge me because u are downright disgusting.
calling you a slut is even too good for u.
i pity you for having no true friends
and having a family background tt isnt as good doesn give u an excuse to be a bitch.

so well. shant waste a single cell on you no more.
i’ll crop anything insignificant outta my life for now.

i just needed to rant after being demoralised.
god bless!
tts all, over and out.

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