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empress wong

i cant stand that f. supervisor.
told her off today. i even asked her if she have got senile dementia.
but she pout her lips and act cute even more.
somebody just kill me. or better still, kill HER.
no more nice me. im starting to give her my fab. attitude.
cant wait for the last day, ive prepared a speech for her.
evil me, im not so sugary sweet and nice to peeps who irks me.
and viola for her, she’s among the few lucky ones whom i cant even stand looking.

ok enough of her.
i promise not to post any entry about this disgusting cockroach at least for this few days.

anyways, i think marcjacobs stuffs are totally dope. love em.

edited: omgs. ive just realised my fav. handbag that cost me one helluva mnths allowance is actually an imitation of an actual marc jacobs bag. i am so humiliated. i hate fake stuffs! and ive been carrying one for so long all the while. arghhhhhhhhhhh. i need to shop a new bag asap! ok, make tt a couple more new bags. lols.

tts all.
over n out.

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