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my horrible English is getting from bad to worst.
must buy a new book asap.
not tt it really helps, but at least i’ll feel better.
hahaha. im counting the days till works over!
i cant stand my supervisor. mega bitch who needs a psychiatrist.
and hellllllllllll. i saw her tits today. god bless. horrible view!

had a great time with my 2 lovely babes over at dhoby for lunch today. hangout soon!!!
miss them so much.

sch will be teaching visual merchandising next sem, but ive gotta do it before im even taught!
ive designed about half of the store’s displays. woolala! great sense of accomplishment, though i think some really sucked. hahahaha. but hey! at least ive managed to pull it off with lil decor materials theyve got. haha.

ok tts all.
over n out!

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