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this and that

ok, i feel really bad bitching about the girl in the previous entry and i swear she is nice girl.
so lets pretend nthing happened. hahaha. guess im just feeling extra bitchy tt day.

yes! im all prep for my smoky eyes. ok, minus the practice part.

work was, ewwwww.
but i love my colleagues.

and i think the most pathetic thing on earth is eating steamboat all by yourself in the wee hrs.

and i swear i would never ever act cute or msg smthing lik: night night! to any single organism in the world after i reached 30. cause i srsly feel lik puking when some auntie actually did tt to me.
wait, in the 1st place i would nvr ever in a million yrs type a msg ending with night night.

ok, i got this from a friend friend’s blog(nellie) and i think its darn funny and so gotta post it up.
procrastination is just like masturbation. U feel good at first, then after that you realise you are just screwing yourself.

ok done!

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