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yest was my 1st day back in sasa
everything changed. and tt sucks. i never like changes.
supervisor suck and everyone kept bitching about her. hahahaha. its like some kinda team bonding exercise.
a couple of new faces and more bad news. yasmeen is transferring! argh. will miss her!
theres this new girl who cant stop blabbering. and shes damn desperate and i cant stand tt.
the 1st thing she ask me after those self introduction kinda thing was : so what kinda guys you like huh?
duh. huh?! dont you have anything better to say.
and as usual, peeps who start the conversation with this qns goes off blabbering nonstop about their love life and how oh so devoted or pathetic they are. which totally turns me off.
and she tells me that when we are suppose to be working. very unprofessional. i mean we can have small talks and laugh like crazy when theres no customer, but im busy and theres customers just infront of her and she continue story telling.
and omg im stuck with her during the break. and she told me stories showing how desperate she is and how she throws herself at guys with the off limits signals. its either she naive or plain stupid.
i cannot stand this kinda retarded people.
one story: shes went for an interview and the interviewer told her she cannot get the position and she said he was harsh(lik i really believe, you are just trying to flirt around. but i’ll still give her the benifit of doubt.) and she wanted to cry(cry because of a interview?! just go to hell.) so the guy was shocked and kinda comforted her and told her if she got any problem can call him at this no. and he gave her the no. AND THE ROLLEYE FACTOR IS the girl told me that she was so touched by him and she can really feel that the guy care for him and she’s smitten with him. like wtf. i had a hard time stopping my eyeballs from rolling into my ba chor mee.
and she thinks the guy is interested in her.
so she called him and began throwing herself at him, so the guy brought her girlfriend along on the 1st meeting. but she continues doing stupid things.

thats just one of it. and can you believe it. shes 20yrs old. 20! not 12! stop living in your own fantasy world. get real.
she told me her friends say that she cant wait to be fucked. which i laugh it off. but i srsly think its so darn true.

and after break. she went to play love songs on the stereo.

ok, but shes quite nice and helpful anyway.
i feel so mean bitching about her when she din do me wrong. haahaha. ok, whatever.

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