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the 3 flowers

love my life for the past 2 days!
i live for days like this.

k session with felicias and we nearly froze ourselves into some human popsicles. damn retarded. haha. but fun. sadly fel gotta leave early and we din get to go chinatown for tangyuans. but i still enjoyed myself lots! usual crapping and stuffs =D love em.
had so much fun yest at sushi tei. we all had some major sushi sex. hahahahha.
and “organism”. (inside joke)
long time since i saw yt and joel fooling around playing their lil retarded magical war, shihui being a retard and my mummy no. 2(yes mummy, i will think befor i spend), and sj telling me his oh so glam bakua life. hahaha. love you guys lots. and meet up soon!

owells, tts all!

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