today sucked!
cab down to town after french to meet joel for some final shopping for cny. but it suckedededededededsssssssssssssssssssahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!. im damn depressed! i din get anything i want! argh. its either no size or i cant find anything tt pleases me. =(
bad shopping day made me miserable, so we decided to get some icecream to cheer me up, but it sucked, we got sick of the icecream halfway through and forced the remaining down the throat.
so we wer miserable kids who din get wad we want.
i love tt riverisland big funky light bright blueish shades that cost $45 which they forbade me to buy.
i love that $160 vintage camera case bag box thingy from a lovely vintage shop on fareast. (but im gunna hunt for a cheaper one in bangkok! order from me if you want. haha. 5% service charge! kidding.)
i need more shoes and heels.
i need more accessories.
i cant find any nice special denims.
im so sick of sch.
im gunna buy bakua tmr.
i need music.
im damn depressed.
i still have yet to start on tmrs tut and its like 12.40 and im sure i cant wake up tmr. god blessssss!


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