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happy birthday chewy!!! hope youve enjoyed your mini party. lotsa loves!

ok, back to myself.
i think recently somethings wrong with to me. i get easily irritated and i keep snapping and shouting at my loved ones unintentionally. and somehow, ive became very cold towards everthing. nthing can really make me happy and touched from within. im not emo and i din sink into depression. im still cheerful and stuff lik tt, very much normal, but kinda lost passion for everything, and somehow irascible.
my oh my, wussup with me.

o well, just hope everything will be fine soon.

haha, let u guys see something fucking twit.
some asshole took it years ago with some laopok camera phone.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahah. not me.

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