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instant gratification. instant noodles.

you know i kinda hate the feeling when misunderstandings are cleared. though im relieved that everything is fine and all, but i hate being stupid for getting so pissed and being wrong about something. hahahaha. ok craps.

gosh! was wonderful. shumei is a great shopping partner. =D
and i overspent!!!!! as usual.
on debt now and i gotta live on bread n tapwater for the rest of the month. so much for instant gratification. haha.
my best buy is a felix gstring from women secret. damn cute! and its a smokin red hot one. haha. can wear for chinese new year for good luck on the gambling table. lols.

recently, ive realised how important a girl’s period is for her.
i used to hate it alot and think its super gross. (well, it is.)
but now i appreciate the torture we have to go through every mnth.
without it, the skin will be v oily and dead and its just v shit. u look lik a old hag. u get wounded easily and all sorts of funny stuffs happen to you. your cuts, bruises, eyebags, wont heal tt fast, and u get sick easily and takes a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to recover.
it just sucks without menses.

i love you menses.
pls come back to mama.

ok ciaos.

im so sorry my dear sj sweety for flying you aeroplane today. i promise i will make it up to you! so sorry!

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