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damn it, i know i would fail my busstats midsem at the end of the exam.
but i just couldn help getting depress when i get back my results. and the shit thing is that i cannot blame anyone except for myself. at least i will feel better if i scolded someone.
hell, my 1st failing grade for poly.
not because of the failing part, but becuase the fucking dumb paper is so much more easier then secondary sch e.math and its OPEN BOOK somemore! i think i should go and die right now. i slacked too much and my attitude is incorrigible. 9am test starts and tts the time i just step out of my house. nice. and i blanked out when i got my paper. gosh, this sucks.
i swear its gunna be my last failing grade in my life.

fuck, i feel damn dumb now. and i bet the stupid potato head will think im one of those bad attitude slacker.
i think i will die if irene give me counselling.

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