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bye 06

i think im in deep shit.

projects are srsly pain in the ass!
its lik fractured arm, you still can have fun but it hurts whenever u move too much or have too much fun and u cant enjoy yourself. and u just feel lik tearing it apart but u cant cuase its part of you and will be haunting u till the day it healed. damnit.
ok, ive got french, pom, rsb, acc, comskills projects. and aparently, ive just done only a few sentence for my pom project. and i got only 1 day and a half to complete all.
great, just great.
and im having some kinda brain freeze or smething. -___-

ok, last day of 2006. i love each n everyone of u who made it a blasting year for me. and im glad im able to know so many nice lovely peeps this yr.

to huifen and seying – im glad wer still friends after all this while. 10 yrs of friendship aint easy, and i really appreciate u guys.

to my lovely sheuelee, a childhood friend whom ive known for god knows how long. – i miss taking cab to sch with u. hahaha. i love u and just gimme a call if u need someone to talk to.

to my darlings – closest to my heart. i love u guys alot alot alot. no matter wad happens, i know u guys will always be there for me. and same goes for me. haha. u guys know wad i mean.

to my polymates – im so glad ive got the chance to meet this bunch of lovely peeps, and lets hangout more! haha.

to my srjc gang(lu, gab, zee esp.) – though we seldom meet now, but i thank u guys for the wonderful memories i had during then. thanks so much and takecare!

to the others – thanks for adding colours to my life. BIG thanks, and all the best.

to my family – im stuck with them for the rest of my life and boy am i glad tt its them and not anyone else. srsly i love my fam to the core to matter how much i curse and hate them when im mad. the most important thing in my life. i love my dad though i rllyrlly hate his temper and his smoking habit. but he really really dotes on me and im his one and only princess. my mum, gosh. i cant ask for a better one. a friend, a mentor, a sister, a anything u could wish for. but i still cant stand her nagging. my bros, they stinks. but i still love them nvrtheless. and my ahma, ahgong…… blahblahblah. i love them all. HUGS!

ok im done.
getting too longwinded. haha.

p.s. does anyone thinks tt the word “scrunch” sounds sexual? pls tellme. cuase apparently shihui thinks it is. hahahahahaha!

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